Exquisite Dollface Persians



 Thank you for visiting Glamorous Kitties Cattery.  We are a small in home cattery, only having a few litters a year, featuring top of the line Persians. Here at Glamorous Kitties we put our hearts into raising our Persian kittens. All of our Persian Kittens are handled from the day they are born and  socialized regularly with our family and our dogs. Our four children have a huge part in  raising our babies, from caring for them to just snuggling them. For over half a decade now we have been producing the most beautiful, well tempered and healthy Persian Kittens.

We are a PKD negative cattery meaning all of our breeders have been PKD tested negative for the PKD1 gene.  As a responsible breeder we highly encourage buying from a PKD negative Cattery.

We produce the  most loving and adorable Persian kittens online and Himalayan kittens online.  It is here you will find some of the most beautiful Persian kittens online and Himalayan kittens online.

Our Specialty

  We specialize in Traditional Style Persians and Himalayans with Baby Doll Faces.  Over the years the Persian has developed into an extremely Flat faced cat. However many people are still in love with the old Traditional baby doll faces of yester-year. 

As a top of the line Persian cat breeder, we offer a variety of colors including the  world famous White Persian.  If you are looking for the Persian kitten seen on the Fancy Feast commercial, then you might want to consider our Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian line.  In addition to white  Persians and silver Persians, we also offer the very unique cream chinchilla Persian, black smoke Persian, shaded tortie Persian, and any more.   We are also happy to offer a wide range of Himalayan kitten colors and patterns including the much sought after lynx point and bi-color Himalayan.


Superior Quality

  •  Our cattery exceeds all standards as established by the Department of Agriculture and the Division of Animal Industries. We also work closely with our veterinarian to ensure healthy kittens.   We are also a Cattery of Excellence with the Cat Fancier's Association. What does this mean for you?  It means that you are buying a Persian kitten from a breeder who is meeting the highest expectations in both health and cleanliness.  It also means that all of our kittens are examined by a certified vet before leaving our care.  With this assurance, you don't have to take any chances, and you don't have to take our word for it.  You will KNOW that you are getting a healthy kitten.  Documentation of health is given to each buyer in the form of a state health certificate.   So if you're looking to purchase a beautiful, healthy Persian kitten, then you've come to the right place.   You simply can't go wrong with a Glam Kitty.


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