We currently have no available kittens.

We have decided to sell our precious ones below they are not longer

babies but are only one years old.  I will update photos of them or I can send them by email. 

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Available Kittens

Born March 27,2011


Born March 31,2011
Prince Charming

Breeding rights

He is absolutely stunning.  I have regretfully decided not to breed any longer.

Here at Glamorous Kitties we put our hearts into raising our Persian kittens.

All of our Persian Kittens are handled from the day they are born and

 socialized regularly with our family and our dogs.

Our four children have a huge part in

 raising our babies, from caring for them to just snuggling them.

Therefore producing the most beautiful, well tempered and healthy

Persian Kittens.

We are a PKD negative cattery meaning all of our breeders,
have been PKD tested negative for the PKD1 gene. 
As a responsible breeder we highly encourage
buying from a PKD negative Cattery.

Please understand that kittens remain available until a holding deposit is received.  While you and I might be conversing about a particular kitten, another party could place a deposit on that same kitten.  We will try to let you know of another interested party, but we cannot hold kittens without deposits.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  A $200 holding deposit will secure your kitten at the price listed below.


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I just wanted to let you know that I had Valentino neutered.  I had the vet fill out the paperwork and I will be sending it to you so I can get his papers.  As you can see, he is a beautiful cat.  What you can't see is that he is the most precious, friendly, easy going animal I have ever had.  Thank you for allowing him to be in our family.  The people at the vet anxiously wait for him to return.  When I picked him up after his surgery, they told me that the vet took down all of your info so she contact you when she wants one.  They also took his picture and asked if I mind if they hang it in the waiting area.  If I had a gripe about him it would be that he likes to drink the fish water! HAHA  Thanks for everything!


Glamorous Kitties,

She is so lovely and sweet.  We call her Linda which in Spanish means beautiful. She is constantly purring.  She is eating, drinking and doing all her bathroom needs just fine.  She is a gift from God.  You did a wonderful job with her.  Just wonderful.

 Thank you so much!

Maria A. Nieto






This is beatiful Linda Now!

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