What are your prices?

  • Our prices vary depending on the quality of the kitten and the time of year.  As a standard, our prices run as follows:

    Pashmina White Persians:  $1200 to $2200

    Silver Persians:                  $700 to $2200

    All other colors:                  $700 to $1800

    Note:  We reserve the right to change prices at any given time.

Do I need to place a deposit?

  • A $200 deposit will hold your kitten until final payment is due - the deposit is deducted from the price of your kitten.  All kittens must be paid in full before reaching eight (8) weeks of age.  Kittens that are not paid in full at this time, will be made available to the next interested party - NO EXCEPTIONS!  PayPal is offered for deposits only as a quick way to secure your kitten.  We do not accept PayPal for final payments.  Final payments must be made in the form of a Postal Money Order which you can get only at your local post office.****DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE***

What kind of food do you feed your kittens?

  • Our kittens, 4 months and under are weaned on Royal Canin Baby Cat Food.  We are now feeding all of our adults and kittens, 4 months and older, Life's Abundance Food for Kittens and Adult Cats.  This food does not contain any of the gluten or rice protein that is responsible for the recent recalls.  Life's Abundance is made with fresh human quality ingredients, and it is an all life stages food meaning your kitten can stay on this food for its entire life - no need to switch to an adult formula.  Visit the following link to purchase and learn more about Life's Abundance Cat Food:

What type of litter do you use?

  • All of our cats and kittens are litter trained with Precious Cat Senior Cat Litter.  This litter will help prevent kidney failure and urinary infections that can cause non-use of the litter box. Precious Cat Senior litter has a small particle size that cats prefer. Senior litter absorbs urine on contact and traps it inside the crystal to prevent bacterial growth, thus helping to prevent urinary tract infections. Its small particle size and dust fines also coat and dehydrate cat feces to reduce odor and prevent bacterial growth of E-Coli. E-Coli bacteria grow on feces and along with reduced natural body defenses can lead to kidney failure, urinary and uterine infections. Precious Cat Senior has no organic material such as wheat, pine, corn and paper that can support bacteria and fungal growth, there by helping to prevent urinary infections.  You can purchase Precious Cat Senior at your local PetsMart store. 

Can my kitten be shipped to me?

  • Shipping is offered within the United States and Canada.  All kittens are transported via Continental Airline's PetsSafe program where your kitty will be safe and comfortable in a climate controlled environment under constant observation.  Assistance, including tracking at all times, is accessible 24 hours a day at Continental's Live Animal Help Desk.  All kittens are shipped in an airline recognized pet taxi carrier along with a potty pad, food/water tray, and blanket. 

    Price:  $250 - this includes purchase of airline ticket, pet taxi, trip to the airport, fuel, and toll fees.  If you have any questions about our shipping program, feel free to ask.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

  • The health of our kittens is paramount.  All kittens leave with a State and Vet Certified Health Certificate including blood and stool work for feline diseases.  The exam and certificate is completed by a licensed vet.  During the exam the vet checks for fleas, ear mites, ringworm, feline herpes virus, felv, fiv, intestinal parasites.  Vaccinations are up-to-date being noted on the certificate along with all test results.  Kittens also come with a written Health Guarantee. 



     In the past, our home has always been open for interested kitty buyers - it is something that we encouraged.  Just like all final transactions were open to be made right here in our home as well.  Unfortunately, the times we live in make it very unsafe to continue this practice.  The following is a true story:

     ---During the month of December 2004,  23-year old Bobby Jo Stinnett, a dog breeder who sold puppies online in Missouri, conversed with a potential buyer named Lisa Montgomery - the majority of these discussion took place over the internet as this is where the two met.  During their conversations an agreement was reached and an appointment was set-up at Bobby Jo's home.  Apparently during the initial discussions, Stinnett told Montgomery that she was expecting a baby.  In addition, pictures of the puppies that Stinnett had for sale were also made available to Montgomery - the pictures not only showed the puppies but also a very pregnant Bobby Jo Stinnett.  Unfortunately, Montgomery was not at all interested in the puppies - she had something much more sinister on her mind.

     During the course of the appointment at Stinnett's home, Montgomery viciously attacked Bobby Jo cutting out the baby inside of her.  It appears that Bobby Jo put up a fight, but she was not able to thwart her attacker.  Bobby Joe died.  Montgomery then took the very alive baby as her own.  Fortunately, the police were able to track down Montgomery and get the little baby back to her father.----

     Here at Precious Kittens, we understand that the majority of people online looking for a pet are completely harmless having no hurtful intentions; however, with that said, the safety of our family is not worth even the smallest of chances.  The above story was a wake-up call for me and my husband.  If you think about it, we warn our children about the dangers of meeting strangers online - as parents we should follow the same rule thus setting a good example.  In addition, it is really not safe for you, the buyer, to go to the home of a stranger that you met on the internet.  When it comes right down to it, it's unsafe for both sides - for both the buyer and seller.  Therefore, Precious Kittens now offers the following SAFE TRANSACTIONS:

     Our home will no longer be open to the public - transactions will no longer occur in our home.  To accommodate all final transactions, we have selected a very public meeting place conveniently located just minutes from I-95 and the Florida Turnpike.  If you prefer to meet at another location, we will be happy to work with you as long as it is a public area.  Because we are licensed with the county of St. Lucie Florida, verification of our legitimacy is easily obtained.  We will happily supply you with our licensing information.  We know it is important for the buyer to have solid confirmation of health.  That is why every Precious Kitten is sold with an Official Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection.  This inspection is conducted by a certified vet.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have on you; however, in the end, I think it is a wise decision all the way around.  If there is anything else we can do to make the purchasing of your Precious Kitten more convenient and comfortable, we will be happy to discuss the matter. 



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