Dear Glamorous Kitties,

We are so happy with our beautiful Zahera. She is my little work buddy. She is so calm I even gave her a bath and she loved it.  Thank you so much for this little blessing. She will be loved a lot.

Thanks again,





Zahera was worn out after working all day.


Dear Amy,

Steeler has made himself right at home here. We are settling in from our honeymoon and so glad he is also part of our family. He loves our dogs and plays with them all day, we get a kick out of watching them. I tell everyone if they are looking for a Persian to go to Glamorous Kitties.

Katie and Nevin


Hello Amy,
I just wanted to share some darling pics of Blossom with you. She is doing wonderful and quite the explorer. We love watching her play, she does some of the funniest things. She is spoiled terribly and everyone wants to snuggle with her when it's time for bed.
Thank you again, she is truly a doll and quite the model.



To Amy,
Owner of Glamorous Kitties
Our Family wants to write you this letter in much appreciation
 for raising this Lil' Gorgeous Persian Baby Boy and taking
 such wonderful care of him, up until he found his forever home with us.
We Looove him so much, and he makes our everyday that more special.
With the laughter that Chachi creates in us, when he proceeds to
runs across the floor looking at himself in the mirrored closet,
 sliding back & forth over & over again.
He also gets all fluffed up, running side ways like a little ferret,
jumping on top of our Maltese Pastina, who he loves tremendously.
Chachi follows Pastina around trying to nurse on her like she is his Mommy.
It is even more adorable when, every night they snuggle up together on our bed.
They already have such a bond, and it is a joy to see.
We are so happy with the Professional Love, Caring, & Compassion
 way,that you instill everyday in your Glamorous Kitties.
 And we are even more pleased that we found you, & our Lil' "Chachi".
We will be recommending Glamorous Kitties, 
and adding you to our Pastina's Pet Boutique website, so others
will also get the chance to experience the blessing's of your Glamorous Kitties.
Keep a look out for "Chachi" on Pastina's Pet Boutique site....
He will be our, "Next Top Pet Model".    >^..^<
From "Chachi's" Mommy,
Debbie McKenzie Young
Pastina's Pet Boutique



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